Week 3

What was the Crisis that Led to the Constitution?

Why had most Americans come to believe that some reforms of the Constitution were necessary? This week, we're going to focus on the concrete problems the nation faced in the aftermath of the Revolution. We're also going to examine the ideological divide growing within the nation over how power should be distributed between the people, the states, and the central government.

Problems Under the Articles of Confederation

Your "Problems Under the Articles of Confederation" assignment is due this Friday at 11:59 pm.


What powers belonged to the Federal government under the Articles of Confederation? What belonged to the states? Use Bouton to describe life under the Articles. What ideological forces were in opposition to one another?
Bouton, Taming Democracy, Part II
Articles of Confederation**


What topics dominated the debates? How are the debates related to the problems the nation faced under the Articles? What is Maier’s purpose? Find a quote that surprises you from the debates. What was interesting about it?
Maier, Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution Intro, Prologue
Larson and Winship, The Constitutional Convention, Intro, 13-53

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