Week 1

Welcome to class!

This week, your assignment is to introduce yourself to the class. The goal is also to practice using the software. Therefore, your introduction needs to include a few different things:

You must create a new page
Your page should introduce yourself and include
Multiple Headings
A hyperlink to a website that is important to you
A link to an image (it can be a picture of you, but it doesn't have to)
Something bolded or italicized
A page within a page

Creating a New Page

Creating a new page is easy. Go to the bottom of the page where it says "edit."
When you get to the editing page, go to the bottom of the text.

Type [[[ Your Name ]]]
Save your work
Once you have saved it, click on the link you have created.
A page will appear that says "This page does not exist."
Go to the bottom of the page and click "edit."

Here is a page describing the process.


John Saylor
Azalea Lopez
Allison Ortega
Ushane Locke
Sudha Verma
Samantha Fenton
Ike Frankel
Lindley French
Britt Jordan
Christopher Romero
Grant Klein
Kelsey Dennis
Terry Spinelli

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