The Problem

What do California, Alabama, New York and Texas have in common?

Every state requires its students to learn about the nation's founding. The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution are both mentioned in every state's social studies standards. Most also emphasize the necessity of students being able to analyze primary source documents. But many students struggle to read at grade level, making reading eighteenth century texts nearly impossible. Moreover, its very difficult for many students to understand that each of these documents evolved within a very complicated and specific historical context. Very few high school teachers are experts, either.

How Can We Help?

Our goal is to create interactive, high quality analyses of primary source texts that can help high school and college teachers and students understand the process by which the Constitution was ratified, the ideas that were debated, and the controversies that emerged. We will help them understand the intellectual, social, and economic world of the United States in 1787. We will work independently and collaboratively to do so.

State Standards

California Standards
Texas Standards
Alabama Standards
New York

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