Robert Morris

Basic Info

Born: January 20, 1734

Died: May 9, 1806

Home State: Pennsylvania

Political Party: Pro-Administration

Brief Biography

Robert Morris was once regarded as the "most powerful man in America" and he certainly was once the richest.1 After funding the American Revolution, he entered Pennsylvania politics and became a delegate to the Continental Congress. He became The Superintendent of FinanceSuperintendent of Finance A position created by the Confederation Congress that existed before the Secretary of the Treasury was introduced. The one and only person to hold this position was Robert Morris from 1781-1784. in 1781, and held the position until its abolishment in 1784.

Despite his peak of untold riches and power, he went bankrupt in 1798 after investing too much before the Panic of 1796-1797Panic of 1796-1797 A series of market collapses that affected both Britain and the US that resulted in the collapses of many prominent merchant firms by 1800. and spent years in debtor's prison. He was released from prison five years before his death.

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