Republican Government

Simple Definition

A republic is a type of government in which a state's power resides in the people. The people elect leaders who act in accordance to the written law of the state. Rather than governments with leaders who inherit power and often retain power for life, such as royal monarchies, a republican government is comprised of elected officials who serve limited terms, offering more accountability since they can usually be removed from office. Thus, the power ultimately resides in the people, since the people control who is in power.

A Republic is Not Necessarily a True Democracy

In a true democracy, every citizen of a state would have a vote and a role in their government. This is not the case in most, if any nations. Many "democracies" such as the United States would be better defined as a "representative democracy" or "republic" because although the power lies in the people, the people choose representatives to vote on their behalf. In other words, people directly vote for their leaders, but they do not directly vote on laws, bills, and other governing decisions.

Philosophy of a Republic

The term "republic" originated during the Renaissance to describe a government that was not a monarchy. The ideology of republicanism was inspired by the Roman Republic and Ancient Greece, civilizations that emphasized the importance of civic virtue, mixed government, and rule of law.

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