Patrick Henry

Basic Info

Born: May 29, 1736

Died: June 6, 1799

Home State: Virginia

Political Party: Anti-Federalist (later Federalist)

Brief Biography

Patrick Henry was the first and sixth Governor of the state of Virginia. He strongly opposed the Stamp ActThe Stamp Act (1765) a tax imposed by the British Parliament on every piece of printed paper used by the American colonists, and is most remembered for his "Give me liberty, or give me death! A quotation from a speech given by Patrick Henry to the Virginia Convention in 1765." speech. After the Revolutionary War was won, he became a leader of the Anti-Federalists.

Henry was strongly opposed to the Constitution because he feared it threatened the rights of both the states and individuals. He pushed for a Bill of Rights to protect the people. He strongly disagreed with James Madison over the powers that should be given to one leader, and feared that the role of Presidency would devolve into a monarchymonarchy (noun) a form of government with one head of state, usually a king or queen. Later, he became a supporter of John Adams's presidency and thus flipped positions and became a Federalist after seeing that the proposed government was effective.

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