Letter to Thomas Jefferson March 23, 1786

Basic Information

Author: Thomas BarclayBarclay acted as American's concul to France from 1781 to 1787. During that period he also acted as diplomat in the Barbary States.
Recipient: Thomas Jefferson
Date: March 23, 1786.


In his letter to Jefferson, Barclay discusses the difficulties in meeting with the Sultan of Morocco in order to establish a treatyThe Treaty of 1786 with the Sultan of Morocco was America's first as an independent nation..

Original Text

"Dear Sir[:]

I had the pleasure of addressing you twice since my Arrival here, and though I had nothing worth the attentions of you or M. Adams to Communicate, I thought you wou’d wish to know how I am employ’d and to be able to say to him that I have made some progress in my Journey.

Yesterday I was Introduced to the Count of Florida Blanca at the Pardo, he received and treated me like a man of Business extremely well disposed to serve our Country. His Manner was frank and easie. He said the Emperor of Morocco proposed making the King Negociator of the Peace, but that he wou’d inform the Emperor it wou’d be better the Business shou’d be done in Morocco, and he Called in his Secretary, and gave him directions to prepare the letters for me against Saturday next.

He added, that he wou’d propose to the King to write to the Emperor himself, and I have no Doubt but I shall have the Honor of Carrying this Powerful Recommendation.

We are again to wait on the Count of Florida Blanca on Sunday, and probably I may have it in my power to write you more particularly by Monday’s post. I am with great respect and Esteem Dear

Sir Your most obed. Huml. Servant,
Thos. Barclay"

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