Land Cession To Congress

Basic Information

Title: From Samuel Huntington, enclosing Papers Relating to Western Claims by the States

Date: September 10, 1780

Written By: Samuel Huntington

Written To: Thomas Jefferson


Maryland was one of the fiercest advocates for the cessionCession noun
The formal giving up of rights, property, or territory, especially by a state.
of all western lands to the federal government. In Enclosures I and II of the document, the General Assembly of Maryland demands this as a condition of ratifying the Articles of Confederation and provides instructions on how the states should give up their land. Enclosures III and IV are from the governments of Virginia and New York, respectively, agreeing to cede their western land to Congress.

Original Text

Sir, Your Excellency will receive herewith enclosed an Act of Congress of the 6. Instant, adopting the report of a Committee, together with Copies of the several Papers referred to in the report. I am directed to transmit Copies of this report and the several Papers therein mentioned to the Legislatures of the several States, that they all may be informed of the Desires and Endeavours of Congress on so important a Subject, and those particular States which have Claims to the western Territory and the State of Maryland may adopt the Measures recommended by Congress in Order to obtain a final ratification of the Articles of Confederation. Congress, impressed with a Sense of the vast Importance of the Subject have maturely considered the same, and the result of their Deliberation is contained in the enclosed report, which being full and expressive of their Sentiments upon the Subject: without any additional Observations; it is to be hoped and most earnestly desired that the Wisdom, Generosity and Candour of the Legislatures of the several States which have it in their Power, on the one Hand to remove the Obstacles, and on the other to complete the Confederation, may direct them to such Measures in Compliance with the earnest recommendations of Congress as shall speedily accomplish an Event so important and desirable as the ratification of the Confederation by all the States. I have the Honor to be with the highest respect & Consideration your Excellency’s most obedient Servant, Sam. Huntington President

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