John Jay

Brief Biography

  • Born December 12, 1745 in New York City
  • Died May 17, 1829 in Bedford, New York
  • American Statesman, diplomat, Founding Father, President of the Continental Congress (1778-1779), Minister (Ambassador) to Spain (1779-1782), Secretary of Foreign Affairs under the Articles of Confederation (1784-1790), first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1789-1795), Governor of New York (1795-1801)
  • Helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris to end the War
  • Strongly advocated a centralized government in his lifetime, who along with Alexander Hamilton and James Madison co-wrote the Federalist Papers
  • Later became a leader of the Federalist PartyFederalist Party: one of the first national political parties. They believed in a strong central government as Governor of New York, and introduced a gradual emancipation of slaves during his term
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