The Thirteen States Under the Articles of Confederation

The United States faced many problems under the Articles of Confederation.

a) Find at least three secondary sources that discuss the problem. Only one may be a website.
Your description should be at least 4-8 paragraphs in length (in total). Write an overview of the problem, what was happening, why it was happening. This should be short, but informative. Be sure to link to additional pages where you describe specific aspects of the topic (biographies, in depth explanations, etc.). Be sure to include at least two of these. Write this for a general audience of non-specialists—high schoolers and college students.

c) Find at least two primary sources that offer different perspectives on the problem. Write a brief introduction to each, and include the text of the primary source.

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Paper Money
Domestic Insurrections
Treaties and Alliances
The Army
Disputes Between States
Foreign Trade
Western Expansion
Foreign Debt
The State of Franklin
Congressional Procedures

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