Ike Frankel

Hi Everyone!

(Inc. classmates, students, teacher, bystanders, and random internet surfers!)


I'm Ike Frankel, a current sophomore at Northwestern University aiming for a Legal Studies and Political Science double major (…plus a business minor for good measure.) I'm from a suburb of Chicago (West Dundee in fact), so I guess I'm pretty much a local.

I live, I eat, I write, I watch random stuff on Netflix, and I make deadpan/absurd jokes. I wish I could say more, but it wouldn't fit on this page so check out the next one to find out more.

**More about me**

As I've never had the heart to say that any website is important to me (I just can't make that sort of commitment yet…sorry youtube.), here's the site I would likely use to find my first important website: https://www.google.com/webhp?tab=ww&ei=z3goVPS3AtGryASVv4LQCg&ved=0CAkQ1S4.

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