Georgia Ratification
  • Colony Founded: April 21, 1732
  • Ratified Constitution: January 2, 1788
  • Total Population: 82,150 (1790 est.)
    • Free: 52,886
    • Slave: 29,264
  • Major Economic Institutions: Plantations, Cotton, Rice, Slavery
  • State Government: Georgia's government at the time had a one-house General Assembly, which would appoint the Governor and the executive council. A court system also existed. Only white male property owners could vote.
  • Ratification Debate: On January 2, 1788, Georgia unanimously ratified the Constitution 26-0. While the state fervently fought at the Constitutional Convention to add provisions protecting slavery, and again suggested the possibility of adding amendments with the ratification debate, the delegates ultimately chose to ratify the Constitution without amendments after only a day of debate. Some historians contend that Georgia needed national help in fighting against the Creek Indians, and hoped to use federal assistance under the new Constitution to protect their westward expansion.1
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