Elbridge Gerry

Basic Info

Born: July 17, 1744

Died: November 23, 1814

Home State: Massachusetts

Political Party: Anti-Federalist (later Democratic-Republican)

Brief Biography

Elbridge Gerry was the fifth Vice President of the United States, serving under James Madison. As a delegate to the Constitutional Convention from Massachusetts, he opposed ratification of the document since it did not contain a bill of rights protecting states and individual's rights. Gerry was one of three men not to sign the document.

Following ratification, Gerry played an active role in drafting and passing the Bill of Rights. He later became the Governor of Massachusetts, and then was elected Vice President in 1812, but died a year and a half into his term. He is best remembered for the dubious honor of being the namesake for the term "gerrymander.gerrymander (verb) to re-draw the boundaries of a district to favor one political party"

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